Tax Return Preparation and Planning

We Can Help You Keep More of What You Make

Do you want tax time to be as easy and pain-free as possible?

Do you want to stay informed on ways to reduce your tax bill?

Do you want to pay the least amount of taxes possible?

If you answered yes to any of these questions (and we don’t know anyone who would answer “no” to the last one!), then you’re in the perfect place to find out about how we can help you with your tax return preparation, fast and easy filing, and tax planning to reduce your tax bill.

Tax Return Preparation

We know that tax time is probably not your favorite time of the year!  We want to make it as quick and pain-free as possible for you.  We can help you navigate the maze of forms, requirements, deadlines, and constantly changing tax laws so that you can be aware of the possible financial opportunities available to your circumstances.

When you hire a tax preparer, make sure they:

  • Have obtained a current year PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number).  Otherwise, they are ineligible to prepare your IRS returns.
  • Have attended continuing education tax courses so they know the newest year’s rules.
  • Have a quality control process within their business so that your return will be checked for errors.
  • Can eFile your returns so that your refund, if any, will be returned faster.
  • Explain your return to you so that you understand what you are signing.  You are ultimately responsible for your own tax return, so it’s essential that you understand it.

Feel free to ask us these questions, too!

What We Do

We help our clients with the following services:

  • Prepare and efile your individual, corporate, and estate tax returns at the local, state, and national levels so you can get any refunds back as fast as possible
  • Keep you informed of due dates so you can stop worrying whether you’ve forgotten to file something important
  • Answer your questions and explain your options
  • Explain the complex in an understandable way so you can feel confident you’ve made the right decision
  • Support in case you receive a tax bill or audit notice form any tax agency

To discuss any of these services, please give us a call at 856-256-1490 or email us at  We’ll set up a complimentary initial session so you can find out more about how we can help you.

Tax Planning

We’re committed to helping you keep your hard-earned money without paying a penny more in taxes than you’re legally required to do.  And some of the biggest savings can come when we work together and plan ahead.

We offer proactive tax planning suggestions to save you money when tax time comes.  Please give us a call at 856-256-1490 any time of the year, so we can start finding ways to save you money.

“For several years I’ve had my private and business taxes prepared by Meggan Ciaccia, CPA. Meggan has always been more than helpful, concerned both with saving me money and making certain that I am in compliance with all state and federal regulations and requirements. She has reassured me and minimized my concerns about my financial obligations.” – George Wolos

“When it comes to tax time, doing taxes for a small business is more than I want to tackle. Charlie does a perfect job of this and it is one fewer item I have to worry about.” – Steve Racz

“When you work with Charlie and Robin you’re just not getting your taxes done. They are working with you to develop a long-term tax strategy that is designed specifically for you and your family. They keep you aware of impending tax changes so you can make financial decisions in the future and develop a retirement strategy that factors in tax consequences and wealth creation. In our opinion, they are the best at what they do.” – Frank Racioppi & Linda Straga

Complimentary Consultation

We’d love to meet you and discuss how we can help you with your tax requirements.  Call us at 856-256-1490 or email us at to set up your no-cost, no-obligation 30-minute tax consultation.

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